All around the World of Sports, Mega-Stadiums are being designed by the most brilliant and daring architects. Gigantic projects of several billions US dollars see the light and rise like pharaonic monuments. Futuristic constructions concentrate cutting edge technologies in Media, Mobile Apps, Data Management, Augmented Reality and all sorts of exciting entertainment innovations. The objective is clear and stated: Enhance the in-stadium experience for huge crowds of fans that, more and more often, reach a hundred thousand people. No need to point it out: Fans are indeed the most precious value for clubs who do absolutely everything they can to encourage their attendance and their engagement.

Within these temples, advertising starts with the very names of these monster-stadiums sealing partnerships with big multinational companies such as Mercedes Benz, Allianz, Wanda, MetLife, AT&T, US Bank, Bank of California, …  and spreads all around the place on giant screens, LED panels, Smartphones, indoor video systems, etc. forming a sprawling display.

There is one exceptional place still to conquer within this set. Surprisingly, it is probably “the most watched place of them all”, the one 100% of the crowd stares at during the game, the center of their highest emotions, hopes and dreams, the diamond among gems. And thus the challenge is presented: insert that virgin spot into the game and make it contribute to the show and also to the business of these match-days and events, in all sports and disciplines.

THE NET is that virgin island. The NET in the soccer goal, the NET behind the home plate, the NET behind the goal post, the NET on the tennis, handball, volleyball and badminton court; and also, and not least, all the protective NETS used in all venues to protect fans from all size balls or pucks (baseball, football, hockey, etc).

So was born LightNet®, from the commitment of a small team of passionates, who have volunteered their time and worked hard with high tech companies to make it happen.

Today, after several years of investigation and tests we have realized a first functional prototype and developed the technology that turns a simple lifeless net into THE BEST NEW MEDIUM FOR LIVE SPORT ADVERTISING for which we own the patents worldwide.

Time has come for major investors to join our team. Together we will spread this technological innovation across all stadiums and sport venues throughout the world, we will make it ‘The New Global Standard’ for all major competitions, and will continue to develop our technology which opens multiple “first league opportunities” in the field of communication and advertising.

Gilles BĂ©rard
President of Light-Net Sports, SAS



Soccer • American football • Tennis • Baseball • Ice Hockey • Handball • Volleyball • Badminton • Paddle • Waterpolo


The “Light-Net” is part of the full in-stadium display. It contributes to the show and enhances the fan-experience. It also increases the advertising business of these match-days and events, in all sports and disciplines.

COVID19 #inthistogether
As bleak as things may appear to look right now, there will inevitably be a day when life resumes and sports return. Though that day may seem a bit far away right now, when it happens, the sports public will be in for the Greatest Times of Live Sports that the world has ever seen.

On that day, Light-Net will be at the party!