We look for investors willing to impact the World of Sports by supporting the requirements of an industrial development. LightNet is a TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION and a NEW PRODUCT on the market, to become the NEW GLOBAL STANDARD for all major sports competitions. LightNet is one of the best business opportunities of the moment in the field of Live Sport advertising.

Market in Value

LightNet is the most eye-catching and premium “in-Stadium media” for advertisers and brands. It is “the best spot in the Stadium” and therefore, requires a shorter time exposure of ads, compared to other traditional advertising in-stadium media to fully and positively impact the audience.

The Market we are addressing, is the IN-STADIUM ADVERTISING, as a segment of the MEDIA RIGHTS AND SPONSORSHIPS market (40%). On this market, we focus on the USA and Western Europe countries which represent together 60% of the Sports Global Market. The “in-Stadium advertising” market represent thus, 0,25% of the Sports Global Market, with a CAGR of more than 5%.

In-Stadium advertising annual market:

Bn$ 3

(Exclusively in the USA and Western Europe)

  • Sports Global annual Market: $600 billion – Roughly equivalent to 1 percent of the world’s total income.
  • Media-Rights and Sponsorships annual market: Bn$ 200 to 250.
  • “In-Stadium Advertising” annual Market exclusively in the USA and Western Europe: Bn$ 3.

Market in Volume

* First / Second Market = A / B League

Business Model

  • We sell ‘Light-Nets’ to Exclusive License Holders

Operating Profits – Business Plan

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