Light-Net incorporates a bunch of innovations that turn a simple lifeless net into a premium in-Stadium media

Light-Net aims to become THE NEW GLOBAL STANDARD and appear in all stadiums and venues, on all TV screens, in all major sports competition.

Giant screens, Billboards, Led ring, 3D carpets, Apps, etc… In-Stadium advertising is saturated. There is one exceptional place still to conquer within this set. Surprisingly, it is probably “the most watched place of them all”, the one 100% of the fans stare at during the game, the one that makes them dream, and their heart beat : The Net !

Light-Net is “riddled” with thousands of addressable LEDs coupled with as many nano-PCBs and control cards, to form a full invisible electronic mesh, software driven and integrated to the communication and animation display of the stadium. Light-Net is an internationally patented technological innovation that turns a simple lifeless net into premium media.

LightNet is currently one of the best business opportunity, in terms of ROI, in the field of Live-Sport Advertising.


Miniaturized PCB

We have reduced the Pixel PCB to the size of the Net diameter by using the last technologies in SMD miniaturized components.

RGB LEDs on both sides of the strip

To allow “readibility” on both sides of the net, a special Pixel’s PCB has been developed with RGB LEDs on both sides.

2 wires for both energy feed and control

We have developed a splitter that combines both energy and information data signals, and reduced the wired from 4 to 2. Weight and dimensions have been drastically reduced consequently.

Fully addressable at LED level

Each pixel incorporates a chip to make the Net fully addressable at LED level.

14.500 Pixels into a soccer net

To ensure a good readibility of images & texts, the first prototype has been developed with 14.500 pixels – for a soccer goal version – It provides a clear image on the back, top and sides of the soccer goal.

Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions (heat / water / cold)

Coating with transparent white Silicon , specially conceived for LightNet.


Unbreakable PCB

NF Laboratory Compliance for strength mesh

Impact resistant

A special development technique ensure a high resistance of the net.

Waterproof installation

line’s drivers boxes, cables and cable connectors of each panel are waterproof to avoid short-circuits.

Transparent white Silicon specially conceived for LightNet

Special extrusion & polymerization process

Software control

The LightNet set includes a software control system integrated within the stadium advertising display.

Technical Regulation Compliance

Final LightNet system is designed to meet the main technical norms and certifications.

Awarded Innovation

Light-Net has been awarded by the Football French Federation among more than 250 startups, coming from all around the world.

International patents

LightNet technology is patented in Europe and the USA.