There is only one spot the entire crowd and TV viewers stare at during the game. Only one spot that makes them dream, and their hearts beat.


is the best New Media for LiveSport Advertising

because it enhances the in-stadium experience for fans and boosts the interest of advertisers


Light-Net is a technological innovation and a new product on the Sponsorship Market, to become the ‘New Global Standard‘ for all major sports competitions. Light-Net is a major business opportunities, in the field of Live-Sport Sponsorship & Advertising. If you are an investor, watch our video-deck here!


Light-Net has been awarded by the Football French Federation among more than 250 startups, coming from all over the world.


in the Stadium

Light-Net is the most eye-catching and premium “in-Stadium media” for advertisers and brands. It is “THE BEST SPOT IN THE STADIUM”. As such, it requires a shorter time exposure of ads, compared to other traditional in-stadium ads, to fully and positively impact the audience.

Undoubtedly, the most ‘eye-catching’ in-Stadium communication!

Simulation on a Baseball protective net

There is only one place 100% of the crowd stare at repeatedly

Spectacular and Premium effects audiences will not forget!

Simulation on a Tennis net.

In terms of Impact, Image and Acceptation, what can top this?


Le Tremplin -“springboard” in French- is the world’s first Sports Innovation platform, sponsored by Paris&Co, the economic and innovation development agency of the City of Paris. Launched in 2015 in Paris, Le Tremplin has since grown into a dynamic hub which brings together more than 60 sports-related startups with close to 30 large corporate and institutional partners around mentoring, workshops, conferences and events.




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COVID19 #inthistogether: As bleak as things may appear to look right now, there will inevitably be a day when life resumes and sports return. Though that day may seem a bit far away right now, when it happens, the sports public will be in for the Greatest Times of Live Sports that the world has ever seen.

On that day, Light-Net will be at the party!